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Dining Services


Balanced nutrition, great tasting food, and optimal presentation have always served as the foundation for our dining services department.

In our dining services department, our chef has designed a menu featuring a wide variety of homestyle meals such as meatloaf, lasagna, and cabbage rolls. In addition to the featured entrée, alternate items are available  upon request if a resident doesn’t care for the meal being served. Our facilities operate on a four week menu cycle, which changes twice per year. (In the spring, and again in the fall) Each meal is nutritionally balanced to accommodate current FDA dietary guidelines. In between meal times a snack cart is offered to the residents, featuring items such as fresh fruit, crackers, chips, and cookies. Throughout the year we also host various events for the residents, including brunches and special holiday meals which incorporate a uniquely planned menu for the event. Meal times make up a large part of our residents’ day, and for that reason we take pride in our dining department to make meals as enjoyable as possible for them.

When it comes to a resident having specific dietary needs, we follow physicians’ orders regarding any special dietary requirements for them. This may include various diet specifications such as puree, mechanical soft, thickened liquids, low salt, CCD (diabetic), in addition to any other dietary restriction that may be ordered by the physician. We will also accommodate with any other adaptive dietary equipment which may be required to ensure our residents can remain self feeding as much as possible. Examples of these types of items include plate rims, weighted utensils, sippy cups, and various other tools used to make self feeding easier and less stressful on the resident.

In addition to the regular day to day meals, we also host several themed family events throughout the year. These events feature a gourmet menu, created by our chef. The menu is designed around a central theme for the event. Examples of past themes include 50’s night, Western night, Hawaiian Luau, and Victorian Christmas. In addition to the food, these events always include live entertainment, door prizes, and games for the residents and family members in attendance.

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